On this page you'll find a collection of bible studies, charts, and web sites for your personal spiritual walk. Feel free to use these resources in a personal or corporate context. If you would like any of the studies to be personalized for your church or small group, please contact us.

pictureBible Studies and devotionals

Flourishing with Christ Through Passion Week: 2017: Follow the events of Passion Week this year (April 9-16) by using this daily devotional. This booklet was written for all ages and can be read individually or as a family.

Read through the Bible (in one year, or two): This is a Bible reading plan comprised by Robert Murray McCheyne.

Two-year chronological reading of the Bible: This is a Bible reading plan for you to read through the Bible chronologically (reading the events and writings in the order in which they happened) in two year's time.

The Prophecy of Joel, The Day of the Lord and the Spirit of Restoration: A study on the book written by the minor prophet, Joel. This study was created by Mark Weathers and was used in a men's morning Bible Study (1.7 MB, full color pdf).

Colossians Study: A complete Bible Study in the book of Colossians – adapted for Providence Church but applicable in any Bible Study context (the pdf document is in full color and is 2.2 MB in size).

Biblical Literacy Class Notes: Did you miss the Biblical Literacy Class but still would like the materials? Now you can download the notebook complete with the teacher's notes (the pdf document is in full color and is 3.5 MB in size).

Teachings and Lectures

Christ's Suffering - from a medical standpoint: In this 30 minute lecture, Dr. Bob Beaver describes the physical suffering Christ underwent during his flogging, mocking, and crucifixion


Charts & Graphs

Old Testament Timeline: Do you have a hard time reading through the Old Testament and find yourself getting lost in the details of times, kings, prophets and kingdoms? If the answer is "yes", then you may appreciate this OT Timeline that displays the details of Old Testament history in an easy-to-read chart. 

Reformation Timeline: This is a timeline that charts what was happening in the world as the Protestant Reformation advanced. At a glance you can view where the Reformers overlapped, how they fit into world history, and what translations of Bibles were produced.


Links for further study


"How to Pray for your Wife: a 31-day Guide"

Since many Christian men don't know how to pray for their wives, this daily prayer guide, based on the outline of Proverbs 31, helps men learn how to better intercede for their brides. We highly recommend this book for every husband (written by Mark Weathers, pastor of Providence).

How to Pray for your Wife can be purchased through Crossway Books & Bibles. Electronic versions are also available through iTunes.