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The church should be a hospital for sick souls.
–Saint Augustine

What does it take to get you to go to the doctor? If you're like me it's usually when all attempts at self-medication have failed and I come to the conclusion I need professional help. I swallow my pride and call my doctor. I make an appointment and subject myself to the expertise of a physician. Going to the doctor, or to the hospital, is safe because I know I'll get the healing I need, but it's not always convenient nor comfortable. Going to church can feel a lot like this.

Saint Augustine once said, "the church should be a hospital for sick souls." I agree, even though it makes me squirm a bit! The true church should be a safe place but it doesn't mean it's always comfortable or convenient. So why go? The hope of better life and health trumps the hurdles.

What's unique about Providence is that it's a conglomerate of people who have suffered and are suffering from a range of spiritual ailments (which we call sin) – such as anger, selfishness, jealousy, self-righteousness, insecurity, dysfunctions, and fears – to name a few. We are a community of self-admitted patients who have come to the hard truth that we can't heal ourselves and that we need divine intervention. We acknowledge God as the healer who alone gives life and peace. We believe the very God of the universe entered our world in the person of Jesus Christ to take on all our infirmities, even our death! In exchange, Jesus forgives us and gives us his holiness (which is a fancy way for saying a spiritually clean bill of health). We celebrate this message of grace in our lives as a community of Jesus-followers.

Do you long to be well, truly well? If so, we invite you to come to Jesus and let him heal you, to touch you through the truth of his Word and through his people. Our commitment as a community is to be with each other, not too take ourselves too seriously, and to put our faith in God and in his prescription for our souls.

Mark Weathers

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Below is our general contact information. For more detailed info (including a map to our location) visit our contact us page. NOTE we have two seasonal service times.

Service Times: Sunday's 9:30 am followed by Christian Education at 11:00.

Tel: 704.788.8899
Address: 551-c Pitts School Rd. NW Concord, NC 28027
Email: info@ppcnet.net